Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Inspiring Story

This story is dedicated to our dear teacher who’s sometimes unaware of their action that may bring a positive or a negative impact to the student's life. In addition, we should be mindful of our actions on how we deal with others since “no can tell what type of impact we make on another's life.” Though, this is just a fictional story but I guess this is happening in a real life setting.

Every time I watched this video, I always remember a student who gave me a christmas present of a slightly used pooh with 3 marbles inside of it and I don't care if it was slightly used what matter most was the student remembered me.

So inspiring to view!


kg said...

when i was a kids, i wanted to be a teacher,just because they receive lots of gifts pag christmas.

now, i still want to teach. but this time to make a difference in the world...

your post made me think of writing a post. :)

Anonymous said...

@ kg
im glad that the video inspires you to write a post.

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