Monday, March 15, 2010

College Days or High School Days?

As I was compiling all the pictures that I had when I was in college, I had a chance to reminisce all the memories that I had either good or bad but not so much on the bad side. I could say that even though I had gone through so many difficulties but still I was happy to think it over.

These were the happy memories that I had. No social climber among my classmates as well to my teachers. Teachers treated each student fairly. Competition was there but everybody was a good player. No discrimination between rich and not so well- off.

These experiences that I had taught me so well and made me say that College Days was the Best and Worth Remembering.


kg said...

parang mahirap ata mamili between high school and college! i had a great time in both! hhmmm...siguro for me, college na lang. :)

thanks for dropping by!

It's Life said...

hi kg,
since u had a great time in both, cge 'wag k nlng mamili. hehehe :))

vonfire said...

For me, i really luv my college life. Dito ko kc nakilala ang marami sa mga kaibigan ko in the real sense of that word na maski hanggang ngaun e may bonding pa rin!...anyway, nilink na kita May! :D

mishi said...

I'll choose high school days. Mine was really one of a kind, academic and co-curricular activities alike. I super enjoyed it!;)

koitheawesome said...

There's definitely no better life than the college life!

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Cheap Logo Design said...

I prefer High school life because school is our basic learning stage where we know about all the situations of life.

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